WebCamp New 30x Strategy - June 5th, 6th and 7th


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NEW: WebCamp 30x System – June 5th, 6th and 7th 2015
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Day One

  • What Is The 30x System
  • Linear Vs. Circular
  • The 30x Setup
  • Planning Your 30x Strategy
  • Marketing Research
  • 30x Your Email List

Day Two

  • 30x Your SEO Strategy
  • 30x Your Sales
  • Advertising The 30x Way
  • Leverage Your Marketing
  • Optimising The Process
  • 30x Landing Pages

Day Three

  • Implementation Strategies
  • 30x Your Video Marketing
  • Creating Less Is More
  • Your 30x Game Plan
  • 30x Affiliate Strategies
  • Putting It All Together

Here’s What Our Last WebCamp Attendees Had To Say!

WordPress #WebCamp is Amazing – We learned how to make our sites almost totally Secure. Well worth $500 or more for this & it was totally FREE — Edward Moore
WebCamp No travel, no hotel bills. Just 3 days of Armand Morin on WordPress, step by step. Amazing value – 100% free! — Andy McCabe
In this case, FREE does NOT imply no value! Getting phenomenal WP training/resources, how & why to use them. Outstanding!! #webcamp — Jivonne & Alisa

Today I learned about the elements of website design I didn't even know I needed to know from Armand Morin's WebCamp #webcamp — Bob Moore, CMC
Today was awesome! Thanks for an amazing first day of training. Just finished Day 1 of #webcamp. — Tara Kachaturoff
Doesn't matter whether you're a new marketer or a seasoned vet, you WILL learn something new from Armand Morin every time! #Webcamp Rocks! — Bob Molton

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Wrapping it up! #webcamp has been a delight and the information that I received is invaluable. I'll definitely put it to good use-much thnx. — Sandee Hemphill
NEVER had such great value from FREE bootcamp Mastering WordPress step by step & NO pitchfest #webcamp above & beyond. — Lynne Lee
#webcamp I have bought thousand dollar courses that gave me less content then the last day with Armand and this is FREE — Pete Kici

Best Training ever on generating online Traffic!! given by @armandmorin Join us it's LIVE & FREE
Webcamp didn't just give me knowledge Mr. Morin gave me BELIEF that I could do it. Talk about life changing #webcamp — Valerie Parakin
I'm nearly earning an MBA this weekend from ARMAND MORIN on WEBCAMP! It's the most comprehensive, Internet training program around! — Brenda Diller, MHR

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#webcamp Forget the thousands I've spent, think of the lost years wasted. Now suddenly a flood of answers on how to market effectively. — srana25
Three quarters of the way through and 7 pages of notes – all about traffic. I'm bowled over by the info! #webcamp — Ros Griffiths
Armand is without a doubt the uncontested guru of advertising on the internet. Learned more for free than most paid programs. #webcamp — Bill

#webcamp Just when I think it is getting the best it can get – it gets better it is amazing — Teddy Wolcott
Highly targeted traffic for $0.015 per visitor? That is awesome! Thanks for that training Armand. #webcamp — Claude LaBadie
Thanks to Armand Morin & his team for an outstanding 3day WordPress workshop. EXCEPTIONAL! VALUE-PACKED! BEYOND EXPECTATION! — Jivonne & Alisa

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